Unique Bi-component ink

DigiFlex core technology is based on 2 patented components: Ink & primer.

The chemical reaction between those two components gels the ink and freezes the inkjet dot at a very small and precise size.

This is, unlike a normal ink such as used in a desktop inkjet printer that will spread on the surface being printed on and create a dot that is much larger and less precise than the initial size of the ink drop itself.

DigiFlex primer blocks the plate from being exposed to oxygen during the UV exposure process, resulting in flat top dot and zero dot loss as opposed to laser where the dot tops are rounded due to air exposure.


Dot Shape

Flat dots are MUCH less sensitive to variations in impression strength - i.e. they won't grow or shrink based on how hard they're compressed against the anilox or paper.

In addition, they are much better at holding fine detail because the dot shoulder on small dots is much stronger.  This means better highlight reproduction without a bump curve, better shadow details, and longer plate life on press.

Setup time of the plate on the cylinder is shortened dramatically since all dots surface are on the same height. Therefore once the plate touches the printed area, the job is ready to go.


DigiFlex Flat Top

Using DigiFlex system will:

  • Enables you to create a HIGH QUALITY MASK in a simple, friendly way.
  • Allows you to go DIGITAL with your current setting;  using the same ANALOG plates with no need to introduce new procedures or equipment.
  • SAVE you money from day 1; direct printing on the plate eliminates the use of films & keeping the plate-making process in house at low maintenance costs.
  • Makes you GREEN; our ink and primer material are both water based, and not environmentally damaging.
  • Enables you to bring on board MORE customers; by increasing your product portfolio with our superb quality.