FlexoJet 1725

FlexoJet 1725

The DigiFlex FlexoJet 1725 is a revolutionary inkjet-based Computer-to-Plate solution for photopolymer flexographic, letterpress, dry-offset, silk screen and pad printing technologies.  This unique system allows high quality, affordable analog plate materials to be imaged digitally – producing superior results with very low initial and ongoing costs.


DigiFlex solution consists of a high-precision printing device, software, and a unique bi-component ink to create an opaque mask directly on top of the plate – replacing the need for film, imagesetter, and all of the chemical processing steps and equipment required for them.


After the image mask is created on top of the plate, exposure and processing of the plate remains unchanged from current processes resulting in minimal disruption to prepress production routines. The DigiFlex technology also seals the plate against oxygen interference with UV hardening of the plate surface, resulting in valuable flat-top printing dots, as well as a textured dot surface to maximize ink transfer, density, consistency, and uniformity on press.


The FlexoJet 1725 allows you to go digital with your analog plates.

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